Research efforts with NTNU

A new agreement on cooperative research efforts between GUC and NTNU was signed just before Christmas. - We look forward to strengthening our ties with NTNU, says Rector Jørn Wroldsen.

New head of Student Parliament

Christoffer Nordnes is elected head of the Student Parliament. – I`m looking forward to new challenges and to continue the good dialogue with the management at GUC, says Nordnes.

UKA 2010

Saturday 30 January UKA10 opened with fireworks on the football field at GUC. - We hope many students and staff will participate at the arrangements, says Martin Andersson in the UKA Board.

Study abroad?

Suzanne Knudsen takes a semester abroad at Bond University in Australia as part of her Bachelor in Media Management at GUC. - I would definitely recommend this to other students. You can experience something new, and escape everyday life a bit, says Suzanne.

Expert witness

Associate professor Patrick Bours at NISlab was an expert witness in Oslo City Court last week.

Scientific seminar

NISlab is arranging scientific seminar every two weeks. -The main idea behind this seminar is to give people, especially phd-students, a place to bring up their challenges in research for a larger audience, says assistant professor Patrick Bours at NISlab.

Students with robots

Sophisticated robots with artificial intelligence are not something that belongs to the future. – Students at Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology have just adopted new robots in the classroom, says Associate Professor Sule Yildirim.

Success at TG

Associate professor Simon McCallum presented three inspirational games topics and at The Gathering during Easter.

International Day

International students arranged stands in the cafeteria and GUC`s world map was unveiled at the International Day today April 14.

New record for colorlab

Colorlab at GUC got eight academic papers accepted at a single international conference. - Good research and international cooperation, Professor Jon Yngve Hardeberg explains.

New EU-project

NISLab has become partner in another EU-project. -This is a further step to establish NISlab as a well-known partner in the EU-research community, professor Christoph Busch says.

Amazing progress!

For five years in a row, the number of applicants with GUC on the top of their list, increases. Since 2005 the number of applicants with GUC as their first priority has increased with 60 per cent. - GUC has disciplines relevant to meet the challenges of society, this increase shows that our students think the same, says Rector Jørn Wroldsen.

Focusing on color

This week the Create Conference is held in Gjøvik and at GUC.- Create has created dialogue and networking between different research communities, says Associate Professor Ivar Farup at GUC.

Bridge connection in 3D

The vizualization program Real-Time-Terrain visualizes a bridge between Gjøvik and Hamar. It also makes it possible to walk, drive and even fly over the terrain between the two cities. All in 3D.

R&D prize to NISlab

Norwegian Information Security laboratory (NISLab) at Gjøvik University College was awarded Oppland County's Research and Development prize during Mjøskonferansen. -It is absolutely amazing, and a distinction for researchers in the laboratory, says Head of NISlab, Patrick Bours.

The Student House

- To commit oneself is an important part of student life, say student and chairman of The House, Ingrid Bøhler Høvik.

When every minute counts

Last week Mona Løvlien defended her doctoral dissertation about heart attacks and gender differences.

Authentication in Health Services

Kirsi Helkala defended her doctoral thesis about authentication in health services this week.

In Australia

Three students in Bachelor of Media Production are spending the autumn at Bond University in Australia to study television studio production, cinematografi, lighting and animation.

New learning lab

GUC has opened a new learning laboratory for students with reading and writing difficulties.

Climate Park

The research work in Jotunheimen, which amongst others associate professor Rune Strand Ødegård at GUC is a part of, are now receiving international attention after a visit last week from the news agency Reuter.

Research laboratory

Both Minister of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, Rigmor Aasrud (to the left), and Minister of Defence, Grete Faremo, was present when GUC officially opened the research laboratory in Digital Forensics last Monday the 20th of September.


- Scientific subjects are fun, states Anne Kari Kleiven (to the right) and Tina Steen. They are project managers for the mentor programme ENT3R, which aims to give youths a more positive relationship towards scientific subjects.

PhD Network

PhD Candidates in Information Security expands their network. Earlier this month they had their first gathering with other PhD Candidates from all over the country.

Family Health

- A good dialog between parents with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the public support system is essential, PhD Candidate Øyfrid Larsen Moen states. This is the topic of the first part of her doctoral dissertation.

Receive international attention

Researchers at NISlab receive international attention with their article about user-authentication on mobile phones using biometric gait recognition.

GUC at EXPO 2010

Gjøvik University College is represented at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai this week, due to participation in the China cooperation program StudyLink over the last three years.

Martin Sheen in shiny colors

Arne Magnus Bakke

The Norwegian Color Research Laboratory at Gjøvik University College (GUC) has developed software providing a consistent color reproduction and artistic expression throughout the production of a movie. The software will be used in the Norwegian-Irish movie «Stella Days» with Martin Sheen.

Welfare Technology

Bjørn Hofmann

-Welfare Technology will be common as well as controversial. A number of technologies will make life easier and safer, so we can live longer at home, if we want. At the same time we will experience that welfare technology will be used in unforeseen ways and change both our values and society, professor at Gjøvik University College Bjørn Hofmann states.

Best master's thesis

Anders Orsten Flaglien og Raju Shrestha

Today Anders Orsten Flaglien and Raju Shrestha were awarded for best Master's Thesis within information security and media technology during 2010.


Eldre kvinne og sykepleier sitter på benk

Gjøvik University College (GUC) is about to initiate the first master in Gerontology in Norway. – It is necessary with an overall approach to understand ageing, both as a social, psychological, and bodily phenomena, says Professor Tor Inge Romøren.

Virtual laboratories


Students in Information Technology at Gjøvik University College (GUC) are now able to use virtual laboratories. -This will give the students the possibility to practice on realistic scenarios, and at the same time give us more flexibility, says Associate Professor Erik Hjelmås.

The Prime Minister in 130 km/h!

Statsminister Jens Stoltenberg

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg officially opened pre-hospital laboratory and the ambulance simulator at Gjøvik University College (GUC) on Thursday. This is an impressive project, Stoltenberg stated.