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Gjøvik University College (GUC) has approximately 3400 students and 370 employees.

GUC is a Norwegian university college with an international perspective. Currently, there are close to 40 countries represented among our staff. In addition, GUC is today cooperating with 70 universities and university colleges from all corners of the world. GUC has a vision to build expertise for a sustainable and safe society, through education, research and dissemination at a high international level.

GUC’s focus in education and research is in the areas of health, technology, informatics, media, economics and management. GUC aims to be internationally recognized within the areas of information security and media technology, and nationally recognized within the areas of innovation in healthcare, universal design and sustainable technology and management in technology companies.

GUC has an extensive cooperation with community and industry. GUC will contribute to regional, national and international growth through professional activities relevant to the society.

GUC was established as a result of the reorganization of Norwegian higher education in 1994 when the Gjøvik College of Engineering and the College of Nursing in Oppland were merged into a single university college.

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