Designelementer Innovatoriet

Seeking innovators and creativists!

Prognoses tell us that the Earth can not withstand the strain we expose it for today. It demands a whole new way of thinking if we shall solve the problems we have created with the way we are thinking!


To solve today’s and tomorrows great challenges is an important social task who calls up on us all. Curiosity is the base for questioning, and good questions may lead to good ideas, which again may result in beneficial solutions.

To find new and appropriate solutions on problems and challenges demands people with creativity and ability of innovative thinking. Such abilities are also an important resource for those who want to develop themselves. “Innovatoriet” will stimulate your curiosity and creative powers in an interdisciplinary cooperation with other students. Most challenges are complex, which is why a complex competence is also needed. And who knows? Maybe you are an entrepreneur?

What do you do?

If you have a good idea that you want to discuss or that you need assistance to develop; please contact the university college’s chaos pilots and idea astronauts.