Mathematics 2 for mechanical and civil engineering
2015-2016 - REA2071 - 10 ECTS

On the basis of

REA1141 Mathematics 1

Expected learning outcomes

The students will learn mathematical tools and methods for engineering problem solving, and acquire a foundation for further study in mathematics and engineering. The course emphasizes modeling and applications.


  • Understand the  relevance of mathematics in engineering problem solving
  • Able to identify applications of mathematics in engineering subjects
  • Know the possibilities and limitations of mathematical software

The course gives in-depth knowledge in the areas of linear algebra with selected applications, power series and extreme value problems, with:


  • able to understand and use mathematical language.
  • able to use mathematical methods and software to solve problems.
  • able to judge accuracy of numerical results.
  • basic mathematical reasoning
  • able to do simple mathematical modeling

The skills are developed by applications to the knowledge areas.


Systems of linear equations:

  • Matrices
  • Vector spaces
  • Linear transformations
  • Eigensystems and diagonalisation
  • Series, sequences and convergence
  • Taylor series

Difference equations:

  • Splines
  • The element method
  • Extreme value problems in several variables using partial derivatives and the least squares method

Teaching Methods


Teaching Methods (additional text)


 For Fleksibel ingeniørutdanning:

  •  Nettforelesninger
  •  Oppgaveløsing
  •  Nettmøter (Elluminate, samlinger)

Form(s) of Assessment

Portfolio Assessment
Written exam, 4 hours

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Sensureres av intern sensor (emnelærer).
Ekstern sensor benyttes periodisk (hvert 3-4 år) til retting og til utarbeiding av eksamensoppgaver. Neste gang: 2013.

Re-sit examination

Det arrangeres egen kontinuasjonseksamen for den skriftlige eksamenen.

Examination support

Support material code C

Coursework Requirements

At least four problem sheets, including at least one using mathematical software, must be completed to take the exam.

Teaching Materials

Otto Bretscher, Linear algebra with applications

Edwards & Penney, Calculus, Early Transcendentals

Lecture notes published on classfronter

Replacement course for

Matematikk 15 og 20

Additional information

Credit reduction due to overlapping course REA2051: 100%