Master's Degree Thesis
2013-2014 - MGE4901 - 45 ECTS


•    MGE4001 Introduction to Gerontology
•    MGE4011 The Psychology of Aging and Psychogeriatrics
•    MGE4021 Social Aging and Policy-Making for the Elderly
•    MGE4031 Bodily Aging and Health Gerontology
•    MGE4041 Research Methods, Research Ethics, Theory of Science

Expected learning outcomes

One expects that the other aims have been integrated by the end of the course programme. In addition, the student has
Within knowledge:

  • a thorough knowledge within biological, psychological and social aging

Within skills:

  • training in finding, assessing and making use of research-based knowledge about the elderly and  care for the elderly

Within general competence:

  • competence in researching questions about welfare that concern the elderly in a methodical way
  • competence for planning and implementing work for intervention and change on an individual-, group and society level


In connection with work on the Master's Degree Thesis, elective, in-depth computer-based courses that the student can carry out will be offered. These will be based on research activities at the relevant course programme locations.
Examples are:
Minority-ethnic elderly
Research on Care Services
Network and network projects
Health-promoting work in the local society
The Philosophy of Care and Ethics
Welfare Policies
Management of Health Services (HiL)
Management of Welfare Services (HiL)

Teaching Methods

Net Support Learning

Teaching Methods (additional text)

Individual tutoring with planning of MGE4901 Master's Degree Thesis (Module 6). The tutors will arrange for groupwise, computer-based discussion fora and seminars for writing theses and they will give individual tutoring within an agreed timeframe.

Form(s) of Assessment

Home exam, see textarea

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Individual written Master's Thesis with a scope of about 25 000 words. The Master's thesis shall comprise an independent scientific piece of work/paper either in the form of a thesis (monography) or in the format of an article (minimum 2 articles).

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

External + internal examiners

Re-sit examination

In case of a failed Master's Degree Thesis (or articles) the student will be given the opportunity to hand in an improved thesis by the end of the following semester.

Coursework Requirements

Participation in seminars for writing papers/theses

Additional information

Course coordinator:
Professor Per Erik Solem