Scientific theory and research method
2012-2013 - RAD2041 - 5 ECTS

On the basis of

Modul 1 - 6.

Expected learning outcomes

Be familiar with the various scientific directions and understanding of how these affects our perception of the perceived reality

· Have knowledge regarding science and scientific method, and is able to utilize research reports and research results in professional practice

· recognize the research process in academic publications, and considers the consequensis research results will have on bachelor radiography
· justify professional actions towards colleagues, other professionals and employers

· training in critical attitude towards knowledge in general and scientific knowledge in particular

· Display knowledge and understanding of ethical issues with an emphasis on informed consent, security, confidential data analysis

Be familiar with various research methods. Understand the relationship between these and the issues and research questions they must answer.

. Knows the relationship between research methodology and the scientific basis

· Shows insight in the research process, strategy, design and choice of methods, data collection, processing and reporting

Understand the importance of attending to human dignity and human rights in research and development

· Show respect for others' integrity, freedom, independence and attend to requirements for confidentiality, right to privacy
· responsibility for others not being subjects to unnecessary stress (eg radiation dose) as a result of research


Scientific theory, Research Methods, Research ethics

Teaching Methods

PBL (Problem Based Learning)

Teaching Methods (additional text)

Problem based learning

Form(s) of Assessment

Evaluation of Project(s)

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Students complete a small research project. This project will be submitted and presented to fellow students (opponents) and the sensors in a seminar. The project will be evaluated in relation to the quality of the report, the presentation and opposing of fellow students.

Grading Scale


External/internal examiner

To internal sensors.

Re-sit examination

Re-examination conducted by the examination plan. If students fail, they are given the opportunity to use the same research as for regular examination, but there must be a new research report.

Teaching Materials

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