BSc Media Management -

Short description

Bachelor in Media Management is an education directed towards graphical industry as well as the media- and information sector. The programme will give the students knowledge of processes and technology related to media production. At the same time they will acquire skills within management and business administration through courses like economics, marketing, business development, management etc.

The programme focuses on: Technology for media production, management and economics, and business development.

Language: The lectures are mainly held in Norwegian.


3 years
180 ECTS credits
Undergraduate programme leading to a Bachelor's degree.

Expected learning outcomes

The aim is to educate leaders who can hold various positions within the graphic industry, the media and visualization business and organizations working with media. They will acquire a broad understanding of production methods, economics and management. The education will qualify students to work alone or in groups.

At end of study, the students will possess:

  • Knowledge and skills to see the connection between production, costs and economy
  • The ability to transfer knowledge and skills to new problems
  • Good understanding for readjustments in a media company
  • Insight to develop new business ideas and calculate the expenses
  • The ability to present and converse the content of study programme
  • Knowledge about laws and regulations regarding companies
  • Knowledge about the leader role and readjustments in different company cultures

On completion of the programme, the students are qualified to work as project managers, production managers and advisers in graphic companies, advertising agencies, design agencies, publishing firms, newspapers, communication agencies and companies that produce information on screen and paper.


The students can go on exchange to a partner institution abroad in the fourth semester.

Admission Criteria

General matriculation requirement.

Table of subjects

1st year Bachelor in Media Management 2010/2011

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S) S5(A) S6(S)
IMT1041 Information and Publishing Technology C 10          
REA1131 Basic mathematics and statistics C 10          
IMT1331 Multimediaproduction I C   10        
IMT1291 Web design C   10        
IMT1232 Print Production C   10        
Sum: 30 30 0 0 0 0
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course

2nd year Bachelor in Media Management 2011/2012

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S) S5(A) S6(S)
SMF1212 Project management and leadership C     10      
TØL1031 Innovative processes C     10      
SMF1042 Basic Economics C     10      
SMF2062 Marketing C       5    
SMF1261 Brand Management C       5    
IMT1301 Digital Image Reproduction and Colour Management C       10    
SMF2051 Organizational Management including Labour Laws C       10    
Sum: 0 0 30 30 0 0
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course

3rd year Bachelor in Media Management 2012/2013

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S) S5(A) S6(S)
SMF3011 Improvement Processes and Organization Culture C         10  
IMT3831 Business Development II C         10  
SMF2211 Business Strategy E         10  
SMF2191 Leadership and Organization Psychology E         10  
Elective course, 10 ECTS E           10
IMT3912 Bachelor's thesis C           20
Sum: 0 0 0 0 30 30
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course