Organising and Practicing Health and Social Services to the Elderly
2010-2011 - VIU8231 - 18 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

- the student has specialized knowledge about the elderly and their families as consumers of health- and social services
- the student has specialized knowledge on care-giving, diagnosing and treatment of physical and psychiatric diseases in the elderly
- the student has knowledge on and insight into older peoples experience with grief and crises associated with life situations
- the student can contribute to health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation
- the student can contribute to quality and dignity in end-of-life care


Physical diseases in old age:
Acute diseases and injuries in the elderly - diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation
Progressive and chronic diseases - diagnostics and treatment
Pharmacology and therapeutics for the elderly - interactions and complications
Nutrition related to health, aging and disease
Mouth health
Health promotion and prevention
Psychiatry and dementia in the elderly:
Dementia in the elderly: biological, psychological and social aspects, diagnostics, problems with differential diagnoses, principles and theories on treatment and care-giving
Grief and bereavement - coping and reactions to losses in old age:
Grief and reactions to grief
Ability for change-over and coping
Crisis and reactions to losses
Loneliness, isolation and social network
Suicide in old age
Experiences of chronic diseases, functions deficites and to be recipient in old age

Teaching Methods

Group works
Net Support Learning

Form(s) of Assessment

Home exam, see textarea

Grading Scale


Coursework Requirements