Postgraduate program in network meetings and relational competence Level I - VNETT 1


The program is part-time over one year.

Expected learning outcomes

• Able to identify and analyse processes in network meetings
• Understand the importance of language and conversation for interaction in therapy
• Assess theory and method in a critical and consciensious manner
• Explicate ethical assessments and choices for one self and others
• Se ones professional activity in a social context
• Carry out and lead network meetings in a consciensious and trustworthy manner
• Reflect over and develop ones own manner of work

Table of subjects

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S)
VIU8321 Introduction to networking Level I C 15  
VIU8331 Network meetings as method Level I C   15
Sum: 15 15
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course