Bachelor in Media Technology - BMT

Short description

Since desktop publishing systems were introduced in the middle of the 1980s, production and publishing of media have changed production platform from analogue, dedicated systems to more general, digital systems. Today, the majority of media, such as radio, television and newspapers, are produced on Mac or PC platforms. Most of these have in addition also taken use of a media that is suitable for communication of all digital information: Internet.

Based on this development, previous separated fields within the media sector have taken use of many of the same tools in everyday production. The developments within information technology and telecommunication have a central place in development of the products offered by the media sector today. It is a constant need to evolve new solutions for production and publishing, and the field is constantly facing new challenges.

Bachelor in media technology is development to meet the media sectors requests and needs, and the challenges they face.


The study programme is a three years, 180 ECTS, fulltime, undergraduate education. The study programme leads to the degree Bachelor in media technology.

Expected learning outcomes

The students will generally acquire knowledge about media production, but especially about the tools and technologies used in production. This implies basic skills making the students capable of participating in concrete production of media products. Further the students will

  • Go into media technological production, and especially build up qualifications and skills within information structures, web programming, and media technological system development
  • Master development tools for production and publishing. This also implies to acquire knowledge about digital media technology such that they can understand and exploit the distinct characteristics of the different information methods and how to appropriately communicate these
  • Be able to organize and design environments for exchange and presentation of different information types. This includes to master different programming environments, and planning, construction and production of systems for communication of information

The two first years of the study programme will contribute to the foundation of understanding of the media technology subject area. In the last year of the programme the students will in greater extent develop their abilities to work independently. This will primarily happen by defining and solving problems within both in-depth study and the final bachelor project. These student initiated works will also give opportunities to characterize the main point of the study programme for each student.

Completion of the study programme will qualify for work with technical solutions and production in:

  • Web and multimedia development companies
  • Publishing firms, newspapers, radio and television and graphical companies
  • Companies developing interactive software
  • Other companies working with production of media products

The study programme qualifies for admission to relevant master programmes and is following the international template for three year undergraduate informatics education. This will prepare for transition to foreign master studies.


The courses are normally teached in Norwegian. Some of the lectures may be in English. The students can take an exchange semester at a foreign university, preferentially in the fifth semester.

Target Group

The target group for the study programme is primarily applicants from upper secondary school with interests for production and preparation of digital media. The programme will suit both students wanting to focus on use of different technologies and production of media.

Admission Criteria

General matriculation requirement.

Table of subjects

1st year Bachelor in Media Technology 2009/2010

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S) S5(A) S6(S)
IMT1281 Media science C 10          
IMT1041 Information and Publishing Technology C 10          
IMT1241 Basic Java programming C 10          
IMT1331 Multimediaproduction I C   10        
IMT1291 Web design C   10        
IMT2511 Web publishing C   5        
IMT1341 Pre-press technology C   5        
Sum: 30 30 0 0 0 0
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course

2nd year Bachelor in Media Technology 2010/2011

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S) S5(A) S6(S)
IMT1161 Media Law C     5      
SMF1202 Introduction to Project Management C     5      
IMT2261 Information Structures and Database Systems C     10      
IMT2072 Ergonomics in Digital Media C     10      
IMT2551 Mobile Systems Fundamentals C       5    
IMT3391_01 Capstone web projects I C       5    
IMT2291 Web Technology C       10    
IMT2243 Software Engineering C       10    
Sum: 0 0 30 30 0 0
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course

3rd year Bachelor in Media Technology 2011/2012

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S) S5(A) S6(S)
IMT3671 Mobile System Project C         5  
IMT3391_02 Capstone web projects II C         5  
IMT3661 Mobile System Programming C         5  
Elective course, 5 ECTS E         5  
IMT2471 Modelling in 3D C         10  
IMT3391_03 Capstone web projects III C           10
IMT3912 Bachelor's thesis C           20
Sum: 0 0 0 0 30 30
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course

Elective courses

Coursecode Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S) S5(A) S6(S)
IMT1101 Typography E         10  
IMT1121 Introduction to information security E         10  
SMF1261 Brand Management E           5
SMF2062 Marketing E           5
Sum: 0 0 0 0 0 0
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course