Strategy Analysis
2009-2010 - SMF2141 - 5 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

The cource is an introductory to the strategic approaches used by organisations and to give the students the basic tools to solve this type of problems. Show the student the need for the whole organization to be integrated in the strategy prosess.The cource also focuses on the adaption of the organization to its surroundings.


What is strategy?

The strategic prosess and how to integrate all employees.

Vision, mission and goals

Strategic goals, strategic strategies

Value Creation-Value Systems-Value Chains-Value Networks

Internal ans external analysis

Implementing strategy. Can all organisations use the same model?

Teaching Methods


Teaching Methods (additional text)

Lectures, teamwork, task solution, counselling

Form(s) of Assessment

Home exam, see textarea

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Group examining, 12 hours+individual "multichoice"

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

To internal examiners

Re-sit examination

Ordinar re-sit examination

Examination support

Group examining, 12 hours, all support. Individual "multechoise", no support

Coursework Requirements

Exercises, compulsory group work and projects

Teaching Materials

Løwendahl, Bente og Wenstøp, Fred,2003,Grunnbok i Strategi, 2 utg, Oslo, Damm