Media Economy
- IMT4071 - 5 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

The course will give the students knowledge of how values are created in different types of businesses and how digital technology changes the economical coditions for businesses and business transactions.


  • Information economy
  • How to determine the value of information?
  • Network economy
  • Lock-in
  • Cooperation and compatibility
  • Coopetition
  • Market response to technological developments
  • Economic considerations in different media industries

Teaching Methods

Group works
Project work

Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 4 hours

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Essay (counts 30%, evaluated by lecturer)
Written Exam, 4 hours (counts 70%, evaluated by lecturer)
Each part must be individually approved of.

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Internal examiner

Re-sit examination

No Re-sit examination

Examination support


Coursework Requirements


Teaching Materials

Book: Shapiro,c. Varian, H.R. Information Rules, Harvard Business Scool Press

Compendium edited by the teacher