Health education subjects foundation
- SPL1051 - 10 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

The student shall after ended subject:
Assess nursing actions with focus on the patien's participation
See the importance of the patient's own experience of his situation, and relate this to the choice of nursing actions
Have basic knowledge of the roles of beeing patient and nurse
Have knowledge of nursing as a profession in individual and community level
Have knowledge of social roles related to age, disease and hospitalisation
Have knowledge of culture as a phenomenon and understand its significans for interaction, cultural belonging and ethnical identity
Have knowledge of how cultural background influences the experience of age, body, disease and treatment.


Different perspectives on body, health, disease and ability
Experience of acute/critical and chronic disease
Connection between health and disease as phenomena
The subjective dimention of health
Health and social indifference
Health and gender
Suffering as a general human phenomenon
Different perspectives on patient and nurse as roles
Deviance sociology- disease as a deviation
Institution sociology- to become a patient
How cultural background is significant to the experience of age, body, disease and treatment
About intercultural communication
Client's participation on individual and institutional level
Client's participation on a political level
Client's participation and force

Teaching Methods

Net Support Learning

Form(s) of Assessment

Digital exam

Grading Scale


Coursework Requirements

Participation at Seminar(s) / Meeting(s)