Equality Committee

The Equality Committee has a special responsibility as an initiator and advisory body with legal responsibilities within the framework of the Hovudavtala i Staten (Executive Agreement of the State), local regulations and personal adaptation agreement sets. The Equality Committee has the right pronunciation in relation to the announcement texts and employment matters. The committee has prepared Action Plan for equality at the University College.

Students and employees who are exposed to discriminating treatment on the basis of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or any other form of discrimination, should contact the leader of the Equality Committee or the Director of Human Resources.

The Equality Committee handles cases which involve:

  • all kinds of discrimination, including sexual harassment
  • other breaches of the Gender Equality Act

The threshold for reporting breaches, or suspected breaches, to the legislation shall be low. The Committee will discuss potential measures with the Director of Human Resources and the offended party before there will be notified further in the system.

The committee consists of:

 Karen Marie Øvern (chair of the committee)
 Per Markus Paulsrud
 Benthe Toft
 Ragna Ingeborg Engelien

The Director of Human Resources will meet in the committee.