Satellite Surveying
Study plans 2016-2017 - GEO3071 - 10 ECTS


  • GEO1901 Land Surveying 1
  • GEO1201 Land Surveying 2
  • GEO2282 Land Surveying 3

On the basis of

  • GEO2151 Survey Adjustment Analysis

Expected learning outcomes

On completion of this course, students will be able to:
 - Interpret satellite almanacs
 - Compute position using both code and phase techniques
 - Compute vectors
 - Use GPS post-processing software
 - Adjust vector networks
 - Establish, operate and use RTK systems
 - Understand satellite measurement standards


- Structure and layout of the satellite message
 - Computing satellite position at epoch
 - Computing pseudorange.
 - Observing phase and computing of phase ambiguity
 - Computing position, use of precise ephemerides
 - Differencing (single, double and triple)
 - Reducing to vectors
 - Accuracy assessment
 - Vector network design, simulation and adjustement
 - Interpreting RINEX data
 - Reference station design and operation
 - Virtual reference systems
 - RTK observing systems
 - Structure and content of RTCM, RTCA and NMEA messages
 - Observing standards and their practical application

Teaching Methods

Group works
Project work

Form(s) of Assessment

Oral exam, individually

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

  • Oral Exam, individually
  • Evaluation of Project(s) (4)

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

- Two internal examiners.
 - External moderators regularly assist in reviewing content and evaluating arrangements for grading assessment

Re-sit examination

By agreement with the responsible lecturer

Coursework Requirements

The course work requirements must be conducted on campus NTNU in Gjøvik. Time of completion given at semester start.

Teaching Materials

- Van Sickle, J. (2001). GPS for Land Surveyors, Second Edition. Great Britain: Taylor & Francis Group. (ISBN: 1-57504-075-1
 - El-Rabbany, Ahmed. (2006) Introduction to GPS: The Global Positioning System (2nd ed.). Boston MA: Artech House Inc. (ISBN 978-1-59693-016-2).
 - Hofmann-Wellenhof, B., Lichtenegger, H. & Collins, J. (2001). GPS Theory and Practice. Wien/New York: Springer. (ISBN: 3-211-83534-2)
 - Leick, A. (2004). GPS Satellite Surveying. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc. (ISBN 0-471-05930-7)
 - Samama, Nel. (2008). Global Positioning Technologies and Performance. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc. (ISBN 978-0-471-79376-2).
 - Statens kartverk. Geodatastandarden (oppdateres jevnlig på nett). Hønefoss: Statens kartverk.
 - Statens kartverk. Geodatastandarden, grunnlagsnett (oppdateres jevnlig på nett). Hønefoss: Statens kartverk.
 - Statens Kartverk. (2001). Satelittbasert posisjonsbestemmelse. Hønefoss: Statens kartverk.
 - Vegdirektoratet. (2000). Vegdirektoratets håndbøker, 017 Geometrisk utforming. Oslo: Vegdirektoratet.
 - Vegdirektoratet. (2000). Vegdirektoratets håndbøker, 018 Veibygging. Oslo: Vegdirektoratet.
 - Instrument and software manuals (regularly updated by WWW or in system help files)

Additional information

This subject is part of the following courses of study:
 - Bachelor of Engineering - Road/Rail Construction/Land Surveying (3rd year 2009-10 and onwards)