Geotechnical Engineering
Study plans 2016-2017 - BYG1381 - 10 ECTS


BYG2251 Mechanics

Expected learning outcomes

The overall objective of the course is to provide an introduction to theoretical geology and geotechnical engineering. The course gives an description and application of soil and rocks for engineering purposes and is about the evolution of soils, minerals, rocks and quaternary geology. In addition there are studies of stresses and stress changes in soils, soil stiffness parameters for soil, calculations of settlements under footings and embankments, groundwater and flow of water through porous media, and also a short introduction on strength of soils and stability. Based on this, the student can discuss and evaluate results concerning geological and geotechnical problems.


The student should have knowledge on

  • The condition of the earth crust with special emphasize on Norwegian conditions
  • The evolution of soil and rock types
  • Properties of soil and rocks as a consequence of how these are created
  • Classification and identification of soil
  • Stresses in soil. including effective stresses and pore pressure and how these affect the soil condition
  • Settlements resulting from loading the soil
  • Hydrologic flow through the soil


The student can

  • Identify and consider the properties of Norwegian minerals and rock types based on how these are created and quaternary geology.
  • Calculate stresses and settlements below embankments and foundations and estimate the time dependence of the settlements
  • Calculate the ground-water flow

 General competence

The student can:

  • Have knowledge about geology and the evolution of rocks and soils to be able to identify and estimate their characteristics.
  • Be able to describe problems and use terminology and methods whitin geotechnical engineering for the calculation of stress, pore pressure, settlements and ground-water flow in soils
  • Perform simple laboratory tests whitin geology and geotechnical engineering
  • Cooperate in teams


  • Geology with special emphasize on Norwegian conditions
  • Classification and identification of soil
  • Total stress, effective stress and pore pressure
  • Settlement
  • Ground-water flow

Teaching Methods


Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 4 hours

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)