Technical Summer School

Technical Summer School ("tresemesterordning") is a system for those who have completed their general studies, but lack necessary mathematics and physics (Physics1 and R2/3MX and 2FY). The system is applicable to everyone who applies for admission to the Bachelor of Engineering Programmes. Students that are accepted to the Technical Summer School are automatically accepted to the engineering programme and their programme duration is then three years plus two summer semesters (the summer before and after the first year). From the 2nd year onwards, the students at the Technical Summer School are up to date with the other students in all subjects.

First Summer Semester

The first summer semester is carried out during 5 weeks in July and August.

Autumn Semester 1st Year

Students continue with the remaining parts of the pre-course curriculum. Physics is completed in the autumn semester. Pre-course and engineering mathematics is taught in an extended Mathematics 10 course (functions with one variable). Neither subject has final exams at the end of the semester; although emphasis is placed on compulsory tasks. Students follow the remainder of the subjects with their respective course programmes.

Spring Semester 1st Year

Students attend all subjects with the exception of mathematics starting in January. Mathematics 10 is continued in a separate Technical Summer School class and is concluded with an examination in March/April. Thereafter, Mathematics 15 is taught for the remainder of the spring semester, plus a 4 week summer semester which is concluded with an examination.

Second Summer Semester

In this semester only Mathematics 15 is taught. The course lasts 4 weeks and is concluded with an examination at the end of June.

Organisation and Methods

During the first summer and autumn, teaching methods in mathematics and physics will be quite similar to those of secondary school, alternating between lectures, theoretical assignments, demonstrations, and laboratory tasks. The course is demanding, and requires good motivation together with a substantial work effort.