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Color in Informatics and Media Technology

The University of Saint-Etienne (France), Gjovik University College (Norway), the University of Granada (Spain), and the University of Joensuu (Finland) have been approved by the EU to deliver a new two years master programme entitled Color in Informatics and Media Technology (CIMET), within the prestigious Erasmus Mundus programme.

The master programme is broadly interdisciplinary, students conduct research related to one of the following fields: Color image capture, devices and processing; Spectral color science; Technologies and models for multi-media systems.

Admission criteria

To qualify for admission, applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer science, physics, optics or imaging science. Admission will be based on academic excellence. The study programme starts autumn 2008. This master programme is broadly interdisciplinary, encompassing photonics, computer vision and imaging science, computer science and media technology as a mix of relevant theoretical and practical knowledge. All courses will be given in English. The programme requests high mobility, but it is possible to mainly study in one host university and attend only one semester in another university.


 See an information video about the CIMET master 

Courses autumn 2014, semester 3

Courses spring 2015, semester 4

Mandatory course ECTS
IMT4903 Master thesis CIMET 30