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Information Security

Information security is about understanding computer systems and how to develop and look after existing systems with an emphasis on future threats. Not only are malignant hackers our enemies, but also automated network attacks, viruses and worms, outdated software with errors still in use, or just bad passwords or lack of authentication. In addition there are perspectives to this subject such as physical protection, social engineering (“to frame people”), training, risk analysis, security management and security organization.

Brief outline

Newly graduated students will be able to understand and practice a whole range of methods to control access to information. These methods are, amongst others, good standards for programming, firewalls as internet security, encrypted information, or just good practice as system administrator. In addition you are expected to be able to apply the correct security measures in different situations, based on analysis of risks and threats. This study will provide you with a solid bachelor’s degree in computer science, with the emphasis on the technical aspects of the study. Courses in information security parallel with information technology will already from the first term give you an understanding of vulnerability, risks and complexity.

Language: The lectures are mainly held in Norwegian, but some of the courses are held in English (see Student handbook)

Postgraduate studies

This study qualifies for admission to most IT-related master studies in Norway and abroad (amongst others to Master in Applied Computer Science and Master in Information Security at GUC).

Job prospects

With a bachelor degree in information security from GUC you are able to fill positions as system developer, programmer, or system administrator with special responsibility for security-related aspects of IT systems. You will possess unique competence demanded by businesses, based on a solid foundation in computer science and as a specialist in information security.