Scientific publication

CRIStin is the joint research documentation system in Norway. The system consists of research results, researcher profiles, projects and research units.

The system is used in the higher education sector, research institutes and the regional health authorities.

CRIStin is used for documenting the R&D activities of institutions as well as of individual researchers.

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Publications that meet certain criteria are credited with publication points. Publication points are included in the funding basis for GUC. There are two criteria that must be completed for the publication allocates publication points: first of all publication must meet the requirements of academic publication. Secondly, the publication must be published in a recognized scientific publishing channel.

We wish to register all research activity, including publications that are not rewarded with publication points. This way, we highlight what GUC's researchers produce and publish, and give them an opportunity to market their results.



89,5 publication points
158 of GUC's publication are approved:


88,6 publication points
142 of GUC's publication are approved:


71,8 publication points
130 of GUC's publication are approved:

62,2 publication points
120 of GUC's publication are approved:

 42,2 publication points
 87 of GUC's publication are approved: