It's all about Color!

The 26th and 27th of April the Norwegian Color Research Laboratory (Colorlab) organized a Color Workshop at HiG on the topic of Recent Trends in Color Imaging  .  The Workshop highlighted recent trends in Color Imaging, such as Image Restoration, Forensics, Watermarking, Bio-informatics and signal processing and some of the current project works undertaken within the Colorlab.

In the picture from left to right: Associate Professor Ivar Farup, Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Dr. Jon Y. Hardeberg, Lab Engineer Aditya S. Sole

Dr. Gaurav Sharma [1], from the University of Rochester in New York, was the main speaker of this workshop.  Dr. Sharma, who is well known in the color imaging community, gave interesting lectures on topics such as Imaging Arithmetic and Watermarking.  He was of great help by providing his opinion on theses and projects of some students.  Regarding Dr. Sharma’s presence at the Workshop Dr. Jon Hardeberg, Colorlab’s director, says “it was very beneficial, and also a personal pleasure to have Gaurav visiting our lab, as I have known and respected him professionally for a very long time”  .

Fascinating!  ” is Dr. Sharma’s opinion on HiG’s Colorlab. He also was impressed with all the work that is taking place at HiG, “to see all the different efforts that are going on here  ”.

But Dr. Sharma was not the only one giving interesting lectures.  Some master students like Viktor Slavkovik and Ibrahim Arief gave a presentation of their theses on “Color calibration of a multi-camera setup” and “Augmented Reality object placement and lightning” respectively.  Associate Professor Simon McCallum gave a lecture on “Colour challenges in Gaming, Augmented Reality, Mobile devices”, explaining how colors might affect the psychology of games and even how to determine a winner.  PhD student Dibakar Pant provided an overview of his research.  Associated Professor and PhD student Peter Nussbaum presented his research as a preparation for the defense of his thesis.

About the Workshops Dr. Hardeberg thinks “It is very beneficial.  Especially to the members of the Colorlab, since the topics are mostly relevant for us.  But also for others it gives a great opportunity to be in touch with the forefront of research internationally and also to identify possible new research directions  ”.

Finally, the last advice Dr. Sharma gives to people interested to do research on Color Imaging is to “choose a job you love and you will never have to work again in your life.  Figure out what your interest lies on and pursue that.  ”

More Colorlab Workshops are programed for this semester and more to come on the next semester.  More information about these Workshops can be found at  If you are part of HiG’s staff, a student or even as an external participant from the industry or from another academic institution you can participate on these workshops!  The majority of these workshops are free of charge.  They are a great opportunity on getting more knowledge on Image and Color topics and you might find interesting topics to work with.  We hope to see you in the next workshop!

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