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Acquisitions in December

Acquisitions in December

Lists of acquisitions for December have been published.

Opening hours: Christmas 2013

Opening hours for the library the coming days are:

Remember to backup

Many of you are writing papers these days, and this makes it even more important to remember to backup your work.

Booking study group rooms

Booking study group rooms

All booking of the library`s study group rooms are now done via TimeEdit.

Our Open Access blog lives on in our Research blog

Our Open Access blog lives on in our Research blog

We have merged our Open Access blog with our research blog.

New at GUC?

The librarians can help you with your academic work.

Undergraduate theses 2013 are now published

Undergraduate theses 2013 are now published

This year`s bachelor theses and other undergraduate theses from palliative care, and anaesthesia, intensive care and theatre nursing students have now been published in our institutional archive, HIGIA.

Acquisitions in July

The list of acquisitions in the library in July has been published.

Activating Colourbox

Activating Colourbox

Time to renew your Colourbox activation code.

Opening hours during the summer

June 7th will be the last day before the summer with longer opening hours in the library.

Seminar series

Seminar series

We have given well over half of the seminars in this year`s seminar series now, but there are still some good ones to come.

Liaison librarians for the faculties

Each of GUC`s faculties have now been assigned liaison librarians.

New e-books from Springer

The library has aquired access to a new collection of e-books from Springer publishing. The collection includes over 50 new e-books within Computer science and the e-books are available through SpringerLink.

Opening hours- Christmas 2012

The library is open as usual this week. After closing time Friday, December 21, the library will remain closed until Wednesday, January 2 2013. Thank you all for a great semester. We wish students and staff members a happy Christmas!

The 2012 user survey

We have now closed the GUC Library user survey and we wish yo thank everyone that took time out of their busy day to answer our survey. More than 180 submitted a complete survey, and with the size of the user group we can be 95 % sure that if all library users had responded the answers would be within +/- 7 % of the answers collected in our user survey. We haven`t had a chance to analyze the numbers yet, but we hope to be able to present the results by the end of January 2013. The complete data will also be made available.

Glossary for students

What is an academic essay? What is meant by "literature review"? There can be many new words and terms at the beginning of a semester. We would therefore like to remind you that we have made a short glossary of terms that can be of help when you are writing papers. Take a look at the list and please let us know if there are other words and terms that should be in the glossary.

Follow the library

Semester start is imminent, and we can hardly wait to welcome students (back) to the library. Some of our news will be published here on our website, others will only be published on Facebook and Twitter. If you use these social networks we hope that you will consider following us there. Feel free to use the icons on our site to get directly to our social media spots. Welcome to the library!

Search Google Scholar from the library website

You can now search Google Scholar directly from the search box on the library website. Simply move the bulletpoint from Bibsys Ask (default) to Google Scholar and enter your search terms before you click "search". A Google Scholar page with your results will appear.

Bachelor theses spring 2012

Bachelor theses handed in this spring is now registered in our institutional archive HIGIA. All in all, approx. 90 theses met the grade requirement (A-C) and had approved publication through the publication contract, and could consequently be published in the archive. There are many interesting and good thesis in the archive. We recommend that you enter and have a look.

Opening hours summer 2012

The library is open until 7pm today, June 7th. Starting tomorrow, the library will be open every day, throughout the summer, from 8 am to 3pm.