Library courses



 The library gives classes and courses in Information Literacy on all levels. Students and staff can request a library course by contacting the library.

Some of the things we teach:

  • Searching for scholarly information/using the databases
  •  BibsysAsk (Library OPAC)
  •  How to form good research questions
  •  Using the PICO-form
  •  How to assess sources
  •  How to write your paper (structure, bibliography etc.)
  •  EndNote (reference manager)
  •  Social media
  •  Word
  • Surveys
Do you need help?

See our guide

Remote desktop 

Do you need individual guidance? Request help from a librarian

Are you going to write a thesis or a paper and need more help getting started on information searching etc.? The library can offer you a session on this. You can request such a session by filling out this form. Please make sure that you fill out all the boxes.

"A librarian in your office"

- a training session for all staff members. The library wants all staff members to recieve good service and training. The library offers individual sessions in use of databases, EndNote, open access, the Norwegian research system etc. The session takes place at the staff member`s office at the computer the staff member uses daily. We ask staff members to contact the library to set up an appointment.