“Box of Knowledge”

After one semester at Gjøvik University College (GUC), Jurate Rukstelaite learned that the Geodesy field is taught different at GUC than at her home university.

She call

s it the “box of knowledge”.

A semester abroad made Jurate gain invaluable experience, not only in her professional skills but also in her personal life. -Studies in Gjøvik expanded my knowledge about geodesy and I can say that I really felt in love with my speciality, she says and adds; after one semester in Gjøvik I think I got my second home in this world, where it is always good to come back.

Jurate is currently a student at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) in Lithuania. She chose GUC for her Erasmus experience mostly because she had heard that developed countries as Norway have up-to-date equipment at their universities. In her field it is especially important to get familiarized with these instruments. – I also wanted to get an impression about the level of studies and to know more about further possibilities of studying here, she says, adding that she’s planning to do her Master’s degree abroad.

She found that the main difference between her home university and GUC is the way of teaching. She calls the teaching system at GUC for the “Box of knowledge”. Jurate explains that the teachers give a box of knowledge to their students, explaining what is written on the cover and what the content might be. What the student will find when he opens the box depends just on what efforts he will put in.

On the question if she would go on exchange again: - Definitely! It’s the greatest experience I’ve ever had!

Photo: Jurate Rukstelaite