Designelementer Innovatoriet


The University College Board at GUC has approved sustainable innovation as a strategic priority for GUC and with this settled a foundation for the priority.

Illustrasjon: Eivind Arnstein Johansen

Sustainable development is defined as a social development which meets the needs og today without diminishing the possibilities for future generations to cover their needs.


The concept was conceived during Brundtland commission in 1987. The concept is often used by politicians and environmental movements to give reasons for that poverty problems and environmental problems must be seen in connection. Arguments for short term economical considerations must give way for long term environmental considerations.

Even if the content of the sustainability concept has been object for discussions and disagreements contains most action programs regarding sustainability contains certain common principals:

  • Caution of risks, uncertainties and irreversible processes
  • Reliable evaluation of natural values and preservation of nature
  • Coordination of environmental, social and economical goals in planning and action
  • Popular participation in decision processes
  • Preservation of biological diversity
  • Justice between generations
  • Global perspectives
  • Continuously improvements
  • Need for thorough and overall long-term planning