Supervised practicum in community health care
Study plans 2016-2017 - VPH3012 - 15 ECTS


  • SPL2031 - Pathology
  • SPL2041 - Pathology - psychiatry
  • VPK2012 - Supervised Practicum 2 (Surgical Ward)
  • VPM2012 - Supervised Practicum 2 (Medical Ward)
  • VPP2012 - Supervised Practicum 2 (Mental Health Ward)

On the basis of

All previous courses.

Expected learning outcomes

Expected learning outcomes:

Knowledge – the student:

  • has knowledge about disease prevention and health-promoting work in the municipal health service
  • has knowledge about legislation and regulations that regulate responsibilities and coordination in the health services

Skills – the student:

  • shows readiness to act in disease prevention and health-promoting work in the municipal health service
  • masters nursing interventions in accordance with requirements of sound and knowledge-based practice
  • teaches, supervises and informs different target groups in the municipal health service
  • leads and manages nursing to groups of patients and members of staff under supervision
  • shows the ability to approach the practice field, his/her own practice of nursing and his/her own learning process in a critical, innovative and analytical manner
  • utilises relevant knowledge and research results and connects them to quality development in practice
  • masters data collection and reporting
  • masters electronic documentation and communication of patient-related information between different service levels and areas
  • shows insight into how e-health can contribute to increased involvement of patients and their relatives in healthcare
  • ensures the provision of holistic nursing to people regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality
  • shows insight into ongoing professional and quality development projects in the relevant clinical area

General competence – the student:

  • initiates discussions about professional and ethical problems
  • shows the ability to participate in practical cooperation structures for a sound nursing practice
  • shows the ability to engage in purposeful inter-professional cooperation
  • behaves, cooperates and practices nursing in accordance with ethical requirements and guidelines for nursing


Subject themes:

  • Nursing of patients who receive municipal health services
  • The ethical competence of the nursing profession
  • Disease prevention and health-promoting work
  • Teaching and supervision
  • Organisation and leadership in nursing
  • Professional and quality development in nursing

Teaching Methods

Laboratory work

Teaching Methods (additional text)


simulation required written work requirements

Form(s) of Assessment

Assessment of Practicum

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

See criterias in curriculum for study unit 3.

Grading Scale


Re-sit examination

By agreement with the program director

Coursework Requirements

Course Requirements according to assessment of practicum

Replacement course for

VPH3011 from 2009/2010

Additional information

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