Course Description PRU2002 - Preparation for Clinical Practice in study unit 2 and 3.
Study plans 2016-2017 - PRU2002D - 5 ECTS


 PRU1002 - Preparation to clinical practice in study unit 1.

On the basis of

 Lectures, literature, practical procedures in nursing health care (PPS) and experience learning in study unit 2 and 3.

Expected learning outcomes

 That the student:
 - explains fundamental principles by practise nursing actions.
 - carries through fundamental nursing actions with exact performance.
 - is conscious of the hands as promotion canal.
 - skows respect for they he/she cooperate with, and takes guidance.
 - has experience with group dynamics.
 - has preparation to act at the thought of meeting the suicidal patient.


Enteral- and parenteral nutrition, anesthetic methods and epidural catheter, wound treatment, sutures and drain, BCPR (including certification), first aid (including exercise), oxygen threatment and suction, venous line catheter, infusions and infusion pumps, movement technique, central venous catheter, blood sugar measuring, group dynamics, suicidalproblem. Blood test measuring and patientcase i study unit 3.

Teaching Methods

Group works
Laboratory work

Teaching Methods (additional text)

 Simulation, skill station, reflection in group, experience learning.

Form(s) of Assessment

Evaluation of Laboratory Ecercise(s)

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

 Evaluation of laboratory exercises.

Grading Scale


External/internal examiner

 Passed / failed.

Additional information

When applications for the accreditation , transfer and recognition of courses from earlier cohorts or other institutions similar programs , each application is treated individually and applicants must be able to include such credits reduction by overlapping topics