Experience–based Specialization Project
Study plans 2016-2017 - IMT4883 - 5 ECTS


Must be determined by the supervisor based upon the particular assignment.

Expected learning outcomes


  • The candidate possesses advanced knowledge in a particular application domain and topic relevant to the master's program.
  • The candidate is capable of applying and updating his/her knowledge gained in the master study to a particular application domain and project topic.


  • The candidate can systematically analyze a particular application domain and identify key issues to be studied in greater detail.
  • The candidate can formulate objectives and strategic initiatives to outline a project plan.
  • The candidate can identify special needs and obtain support to implement the project plan.
  • The candidate is capable of using relevant methods in independent project work to reach the objectives of the project.
  • The candidate is capable of performing critical analysis of various literature sources on a particular topic to conduct the required project work.
  • The candidate knows relevant methods and terminology in a particular application domain.

General competence

  • The candidate is capable of critical reflection and thinking.
  • The candidate is capable of working independently within the field of a particular application and knows relevant terminology.
  • The candidate is capable of analyzing relevant professional and academic information sources of a particular application domain.
  • The candidate is capable of appreciating the complexity of project work


In the specialization project students will focus on developing the analytical skills required to identify key issues in an application domain, and to formulate a project topic of their choice, e.g. a specific problem area form their field of study or practical work. Students will learn to develop the require skills and to master a their topic area individually, as well as to implement effective problem-solving strategies, and to report on their project topic at an advanced professional level.


The student and the supervisor will agree on a topic together. The supervisor is responsible for the fact that the workload for the student should be equivalent to other 5 ECTS courses, i.e. approximately 150 hours of work for the student. The student will work as much as possible independently under supervision of the supervisor.

Teaching Methods

Project work

Teaching Methods (additional text)

Project work

Other (Essay/Article writing)

Other (Independent study)

Form(s) of Assessment

Evaluation of Project(s)

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

External and internal examiner.

Re-sit examination

The whole subject must be repeated.

Teaching Materials

Depending on the particular agreed upon topic.

Additional information

This course is intended to provide students with the possibility of working independently on a particular topic of his/her interest. The student needs to find a supervisor by him/herself. The supervisor and the student will need to agree on a topic together. Topics can be for example (list is not exclusive):

  • Studying a particular topic from literature
  • Investigating a particular open theoretical or practical problem
  • Performing experiments or field studies on a domain-specific application

In general the student will write a report on his studies or findings that can be evaluated either by the supervisor or by an external examiner. Another option for the evaluation could be writing a white-paper or an article for publication, a presentation at a seminar/workshop/conference or an oral exam with the supervisor or a third person. Generally speaking, the work must have theoretical or practical merits as can be expected from a master student.