Technology Design - ÅRTEK 207 602

Short description

There is an increasing understanding for, and for the use of, design in Norwegian industry. Increased globalization, access to the same methods of production and processes has created the same opportunities for all to produce equally good technical products. Design is the way to make a product stand out, and this has made design one of the most important competition and marketing tools for the future.


1 year
 60 ECTS credits
 Undergraduate level

Expected learning outcomes

On completion of the programme, the students will have basic understanding of:

  • Creative problem solving, and ideation.
  • Using the product as a communications medium; product identity and function.
  • Ideas and concept development .
  • Choice of materials and solutions; using analysis, function testing, strength testing and surface treatment, health and safety, reuse and recirculation.
  • Calculation and functional abilities and fulfilling requirements.
  • Use of computer tools in design processes;design tools, 3D modelling, 3D animation, element calculation (FEM) also computer tools in communication, presentation and demonstration.
  • Production techniques and management.
  • Computer simulation of the production process.
  • Society and culture; the ability to estimate the social and cultural effects on a product.
  • Project leadership in practical design process ;ideas, project development, project leading, quality control, processing and project evaluations.
  • Rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and 3D digitalisation.
  • Industrial design, verification and laboratory testing and maintenance friendly design.

The students should experience a positive personal development in relation to self-confidence, working with others, knowledge of processes and in the joy of realising one's own ideas.


Literature in English is used in most courses.

Admission Criteria

General matriculation requirement.

Table of subjects