History of typography
2015-2016 - IMT2312 - 10 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

The students shall acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of the history of typography, as well as being able to demonstrate a more in-depth knowledge of a limited number of topics within the subject area.


History of letterforms and typefaces
History of printing
History of typography
Modern graphic design
Twentieth century discourse on typography

Teaching Methods


Teaching Methods (additional text)

Writing of two essays with formative-iterative assessment.

Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 3 hours

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Essay (counts 45%)
Written Exam, 3 hours (counts 55%)
Summative assessment of two essays after the end of the semester.

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

Re-sit examination

Re-sit August 2016 for the Written examination

Coursework Requirements


Teaching Materials

  • Carter, Sebastian. (2002). Twentieth century type designers . Second ed. London: Lund Humphries (a selection of chapters)
  • Den klassiske skrifttradisjonen i Roma (2004). Collection of articles: "The classical lettering tradition in Rome" (all in English).
  • Kinross, Robin (2004). Modern typography: an essay in critical history . Second ed. London: Hyphen Press
  • Meggs, Philip B. og Alston W. Purvis (2006). Meggs "History of graphic design". Fourth ed. New York: John Wiley
  • Additional material

Additional information

Emnet er i utgangspunktet kun tilgjengelig for Bachelor i mediedesign. Emnet er basert på forelesninger, seminarer og ekskursjoner, inkludert en guidet studietur til Roma, skriving av to essay (hvorav ett i forbindelse med studieturen til Roma). Avsluttende eksamen. Studieturen til Roma er ikke obligatorisk og den må i utgangspunktet finansieres av studentene selv.

Aktuelle tidsskrift i HiGs bibliotek:

  • Baseline, Codex, Ephemerist, Eye, Gutenberg Jahrbuch (plassert som bok, 686.2), Idea (plassert som bok, 741.6), Journal für Druckgeschichte (inngår 4 ganger per år i Deutscher Drucker), Journal of the Printing Historical Society, Printing History, Printing History News, Typography Papers

Aktuelle klassenummer i HiGs bibliotek:

  • 681.6, 686–, 701–, 741–, 745.61–

Aktuell støttelitteratur:

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