Bachelorstart i økonomi og ledelse - Campus Bali 30 stp -

Short description

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NORCIS utgjør i dag det nordiske senteret ved Udayana Universitetet på Bali, som til sammen har mer enn 25 000 studenter. Les mer nyttig informasjon om hvilke unike muligheter du kan oppleve, ved å besøke vår nettside om Campus Bali. For mer informasjon om studiestedet, samt studieavgift til HIG og semesteravgift for studier på Campus Bali, - besøk nettsiden til NORCIS.


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Expected learning outcomes

The program will provide an introduction to economics and management that can be combined with most educations and professions, and motivate and provide a basis for further studies. After finishing the student will possess the following competencies:
• Knowledge of economic and managerial theories, issues, processes, tools and methods in the fields of corporate and business systems, financial management, mathematics and statistics, marketing and brand management with employment law and quality management with scientific methods.
• The candidate should have knowledge of ethical issues and relevant research within the said areas.
• The candidate should independently be able to update their knowledge, both through literature search and contact with experts.
• The candidate should have knowledge of the subject area's history, traditions, uniqueness and place in society.
• Ability to apply academic knowledge to practical and theoretical problems and make reasoned choices.
• Be able to work independently and apply relevant theories into practice through participation in group work and projects.
General competencies:
• The candidate should be able to plan and execute a variety of tasks and projects that extend over time, alone and as a participant in the group in the fields.
• Possess general knowledge of the basic processes in business.


Studiet foregår på Bali.

Target Group

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Admission Criteria

Opptakskrav til studiet er generell studiekompetanse eller realkompetanse 

Course Structure

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Technical Prerequisites

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Table of subjects