Energy System analysis
2014-2015 - ENE3002 - 10 ECTS

On the basis of

  • ENE2001 Wind power
  • ENE2011 Other Renewable Energy Forms
  • ENE2021 Supply chains for Bioenergy - Resources and Features

Expected learning outcomes


  • The student will be able to render knowledge of the system and in particular on energy and modeling it


  • The student should also apply simulation optimization tools on practical and theoretical issues in energy systems

General competence:

  • The student should be able to convey key subject material in written and oral form


  • System concept
  • System analysis
  • different energy systems such as building/industry/municipal etc.
  • Modeling
  • Simulation/Optimisation

Teaching Methods

Project work

Teaching Methods (additional text)

Project assignment

Form(s) of Assessment


Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

up to 4 project assignments

Grading Scale


External/internal examiner

Sensureres av interne sensorer

Re-sit examination

Neste gang emnet avvikles ordinært

Teaching Materials

will be given during course start.