Programmable Circuits
2014-2015 - ELE3221 - 10 ECTS

On the basis of

ELE2131 Digitalteknikk og Mikrokontrollere

Expected learning outcomes


  • Know about bus-standards and display systems.
  • Know about applications and types of DSP (Digital Signal Processor)/multiprocessors.
  • Know about disk systems
  • Know about different programmable logic devices and how they are built up and work.
  • Know about how a digital system can be described by using VHDL.
  • Know about boundary-scan and principles of testing of digital designs.
  • Know about the vulnerability of FPGA systems.


  • Be able to program micro processors in bus-solutions and communicate with them through internet.
  • Be able to program FPGA devices with use of VHDL.
  • Be able to use Altera programming tool and developement system Quartus II.

General qualification

  • Presentation both verbal and in writing of results from project work.
  • Utilisation of software tools. 


Microprocessor/microcontroller part will cover:
- I/O interface
- Distributed Microcontroller systems (LonWorks)
- Bus standards
- Display systems
- Digital signal processors (DSP)
FPGA/VHDL part will cover:
- The structure of digital systems
- State machines
- Programmable logic devices
- FPGA families
- Altera development system Quartus II
- Hardware description in VHDL
- Verification of design
- Programming FPGAs
- Boundary Scan testing
- Security in FPGA system

Teaching Methods

Laboratory work
Net Support Learning
Mandatory assignments
Project work

Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 5 hours
Evaluation of Project(s)

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Written exam, 5 hours, counts 70%.
Evaluation of project(s), counts 30%, evaluated by lecturer(s).
Each part must be individually approved, and the projects/mandatory exercises must be passed/approved before taking the exam.

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Evaluated by internal lecturer. External examiner shall be used periodically, next time 2014/2015.

Re-sit examination

Ordinary re-sit examination.
The mandatory projects/exercises are valid for one year after they have been accepted.

Examination support


Coursework Requirements

In the VHDL part there will be a total of 8 exercises where 3 of them are mandatory (one of these 3 with grades).

In the microcontroller part there will be 2 mandatory projects, one with grades.

Teaching Materials

Introductory VHDL From Simulation to Synthesis - Sudhakar Yalamanchili - ISBN 0-13-080982-9
Computer Busses - W. Buchanan - ISBN 0-340-74076-0

Replacement course for

ELE3161 VHDL-Programmerbare kretser and ELE3072 Mikroprosessorteknikk II (from 2008/2009)