Design of wood and steel structures
2014-2015 - BYG3311 - 10 ECTS


BYG1063 Mekanikk
REA1141 Matematikk 1

On the basis of

BYGxxxx Konstruksjonsteknikk (nytt emne)

BYG2221 Byggstatikk

Expected learning outcomes

Knowledge: After having completed the subject the student will

- have knowledge of the empirical and theoretical background for the eurocodes (NS-EN) relevant for the topics of the subject.

Skills: After having completed the subject the student will

- be able to design simple and also somewhat complex wood- and steel-structures, including bracing systems, according to the relevant eurocodes.

- be able to design beams and columns, both in wood and steel, for the requirements

General competance: After having completed the subject the student will

- have some insight into the carrying capacity of somewhat complex structures

- have acquired the necessary technical language of the subject


Theme 1:

Steel design according to NS-EN 1993-1-1, NS-EN 1993-1-2, NS-EN 1993-1-5 og NS-EN 1993-1-8. Beams and columns ,classifications of cross sections ,bolted and welded connections, lateral stiffening, torsional lateral buckling of steel columns, cross-section class 4, design of beams and columns for fire protection.

Theme 2: 

Wood design according to NS-EN 1995-1-1 og NS-EN 1995-1-2. Beams for moment, shear, lateral buckling and deflection, columns for axial and lateral loadconnections, gluelaminated beams of different types, lateral stiffening, hole in laminated beams. Design of beams and columns for fire protections.

Teaching Methods

Mandatory assignments

Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 6 hours

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Internal examiner only

Re-sit examination

Next ordinary final exam.

Examination support

All written and printed material. Non-communicating calculator.

Coursework Requirements

5-7 problems of which all but one must be accepted.

Teaching Materials

Announced at the start