Practice period 5 In-depth study with a practice period
2014-2015 - EPR3011 - 10 ECTS


EPR3001 Practice 4 In-depth study of universal design and welfare technology

On the basis of

All previous theoretical courses

Expected learning outcomes

During the practice period the student will have the opportunity for an in-depth study of special interest to him/her. The student will practice and reflect on theories and models they have acquired knowledge about during the programme. The student will also show a holistic perspective and insight into the connection between theory and practice.

Knowledge : The student will be able to:

  • Assess challenges and opportunities in the relationship between universal design and the way good health is understood
  • Assess how welfare technology can contribute to an increased quality of life for people of all ages, with different disabilities, and next-of-kin
  • Analyse what social-economic consequences welfare technology may have, as well as consequences for the individual
  • Collaborate with different players in the public and private sector in order to promote innovation in occupational therapy

Skills : The student will be able to:

  • Show critical reflection of one’s own work
  • Use professional terminology and ability to discuss the profession of occupational therapy across professional boundaries
  • Use the occupational therapy process in an independent way when meeting service users: identify needs, analyse, intervene and assess

General competence : The student will be able to:

  • Take initiatives for the discussion of professional and ethical issues
  • Show ability to cooperate in order to have a reasonable practice of occupational therapy as a profession
  • Show ability to have a goal-oriented, interdisciplinary communication and interaction


  • Occupational therapeutic professional work
  • universal design
  • welfare technology
  • ethics
  • professional work across professional boundaries

Teaching Methods


Form(s) of Assessment

Assessment of Practicum

Grading Scale


External/internal examiner

Practice will be assessed by the contact teacher and the daily tutor/main tutor of the practice field

Re-sit examination

Students who are awarded a failing mark for a period of practice, must contact the Study programme coordinator in order to agree on how to continue the course.

Coursework Requirements

Approved obligatory attendance during the course. Obligatory attendance is described in detail in the curriculum and in the course schedules.

Teaching Materials

Bachelor in Occupational Therapy at GUC has resource literature. An overview of updated resource literature can be found on the homepages of the university college.

Additional information

Students are free to ask for practice within fields they show a special interest for. This is on condition that the request is practicably feasible and professionally quality-assured.