Structural design of steel and wood
2013-2014 - BYG3281 - 10 ECTS


BYG1063 Mekanikk

On the basis of

BYG2201 Properties of materials and structural design

BYG2221 Statics

Expected learning outcomes


  • To structurally design steel and wood constructions, theirs connections and lateral stiffening systems according to the present Eurocodes.
  • To find the design loads through the codes.


Theme 1:

Steel design according to NS-EN 1993-1-1, NS-EN 1993-1-2, NS-EN 1993-1-5 og NS-EN 1993-1-8. Bolted and welded connections, lateral stiffening, torsional lateral buckling of steel columns, cross-section class 4, design of beams and columns for fire protection.

Theme 2: 

Wood design according to NS-EN 1995-1-1 og NS-EN 1995-1-2. Connections, gluelaminated beams of different types, lateral stiffening, hole in laminated beams. Design of beams and columns for fire protections.

Theme 3:

Design loads based on NS-EN 1990:2002+NA2008. Dead and live loads according to NS-EN 1991-1-1, snow loads according to NS-EN 1991-1-3, wind loads according to NS-EN 1991-1-4, earth quake loads according to NS-EN 1998-1 and traffic loads on bridges according to NS-EN 1991-2.

Teaching Methods

Mandatory assignments

Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 5 hours

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Intern sensor

Re-sit examination

Next ordinary final exam.

Examination support

All written and printed material. Now communications calculator.

Coursework Requirements

Approx. 5 works of which 75 % must be accepted.

Teaching Materials

Per Kr. Larsen, Stålkonstruksjoner, Tapir 2010
John Eie, Trekonstruksjoner, NKI 2010
Lecture notes for steel- and wood design and design loads.