Practical photography
2013-2014 - IMT1412 - 5 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

After completing this course, the student will be able to participate actively in contexts where skills and knowledge in choosing or taking photographic images are needed.

The student should be able to choose and use relevant photographic equipment for traditional photographic projects involving portraits and product photography. He or she should also be able to take pictures that fulfills traditional quality criteria both in natural and artificual lighting. Furthermore, the student should be able to prepare a picture for publishing using modern digital tools.


  • Know about key moments in the history of the technical development of photographic equipment and processes
  • Know the key premises and theory behind the creation of a photographic picture
  • Know the fundamentals of a modern camera and optics
  • Know the fundamentals of the 3 point lighting setup
  • Know about some of the key quality criteria for judging a classic portrait
  • Know about some of the key quality criteria for judging a product photography
  • Know the key principles behind archiving a digital photograph
  • Know the key laws in Norway govering the work of a photographer
  • Know the key differences between raw and compressed images


After completing this course, the student will be able to

  • use a modern DSLR camera and different lenses
  • take a classic portrait photograph with artificial lighting
  • take a photograph of an object to be used in a commercial context
  • use modern software to perform basic image adjustments of compressed and raw file images
  • prepare an image for archiving

General competense

  • The ability to plan and capture a quality image
  • The ability to and dentify quality images taken by others
  • The ability to assess the need for a specific picture in a given context


  • Key photographic technology throughout the history
  • Judging photographs by classic technical quality criteria
  • Exposure control using modern dslr cameras
  • Camera equipment and lenses
  • Basic lighting for portraits
  • Basic lighting for product photography
  • Digital tools for basic processing of digitally born images
  • Compression, distribution and archiving of digital images
  • Key legisleiture relevant to a modern day photographer

Teaching Methods

Laboratory work
Project work

Form(s) of Assessment

Portfolio Assessment
Written exam, 3 hours

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

Teaching Materials

  • "Digital Fotografi i Praksis" av Magnar Fjørtoft (4. utgave, Abrakadabra forlag).
  • Artikler fra internett
  • I tillegg kommer valgfri støttelitteratur på biblioteket