Supervised Practicum 1 in Mental Health Ward
2012-2013 - VPP2002D - 15 ECTS


  • SPL 1004- Anatomi, fysiologi, mikrobiologi og hygiene
  • SPL 1004 MED- Medikamentregning
  • VPS 1002- Veiledet praksis i sykehjem

On the basis of

  • All previous teaching and litterature
  • PRU 2002D

Expected learning outcomes

In cooperation with patients and with their resources and condition as basis, the students will learn how to plan and conduct nursing of acute and critically ill patients in mental health wards.


Nursing of patients with psychiatric sufferings.

Teaching Methods


Teaching Methods (additional text)

Learning by experience, reflection and tutoring individually and in groups.

Form(s) of Assessment

Assessment of Practicum

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

See curriculum for study unit 2 for spesific criterias.

Grading Scale


External/internal examiner

Supervised practice is evaluated by internal teacher and nurses in the ward.

Re-sit examination

 Students who don't pass, can get another try after contacting the leader of the study.

Coursework Requirements

  • Documentation of presence during the practice period
  • Oral and written reflection
  • Presentation of pedagogic paper in groups has to be done during the three periods in superviced practice in hospitals.

Teaching Materials

Litterature in the curriculum for study unit 2