Methods in user-centered design
2012-2013 - IMT5341 - 10 ECTS

On the basis of

  • IMT4032 Brukskvalitet og menneskelige faktorer i interaksjonsdesign
  • IMT4042 Brukerorientert informasjonsarkitektur

Expected learning outcomes


  • The student will acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of user-centered methods used to deliver high quality usability products
  • Students are able to discuss academic reflections and considerations about usability issues and user-centered design
  • The student is able to analyze and assess the appropriateness of various user-centered strategies and methods in design work


  • The student can initiate, manage and perform user-centered and participatory design work in projects and engineering


  • User-centered design: ideology and concepts (including Participatory design and inclusive design)
  • Laws and regulations
  • Methods in user-centered design
  • User-centered requirements specification
  • User, Activity and Task analysis
  • Human-centered design lifecycle processes for usability work
  • Formative-iterative user testing
  • Usability testing

Teaching Methods

Group works
Laboratory work
Mandatory assignments
Project work

Teaching Methods (additional text)

Student presentations

Form(s) of Assessment

Home exam, see textarea
Portfolio Assessment

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

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Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Two internal examiners

Re-sit examination

At next ordinary exam

Examination support

Dictionary - English/mother tongue

Coursework Requirements

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Teaching Materials

  • Steve Krug, Don’t make me think – A common sense approach to web usability, second edition. New Riders publishing 2006.
  • Benyon, David (2010). Designing interactive systems: A comprehensive guide to HCI and interaction design . Second edition. Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley
  • Rubin&Chisnell, Handbook of Usability Testing – How to plan, design and conduct effective tests. Wiley publishing 2008.
  • Lazar, Jonathan et al. (2010). Research methods in human-computer interaction . Chichester: John Wiley

Additional information

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