Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration - BØKLED

Short description

The Bachelor programme in Economics and Business Administration is aimed at those with ambitions to manage and develop businesses. The interdisciplinary and vocation-oriented programme prepares for a wide range of positions within both public and private sectors.

The programme offers a comprehensive and thorough management education with the options for specialisation in internationalisation and marketing, or industry and commerce.

  • Industry: management of lean* organisations and the effective use of technology. Economical management, branding, and strategy development and implementation. (* “Lean” is the term for companies that are working actively to streamline their value-adding processes, and is a primary ambition for today's European businesses.)
  • Trade: management of several organisations with different cultures. Financial management, branding, distribution networks and supply chain management.
  • Internationalisation and marketing: running competitive businesses in the world marketplace of varying cultures, including studying at leading international institutions. There is also a possibility to stay for purpose of study at international corporations.

The first year topics will provide an understanding of the basic processes in the business sector, including a thorough knowledge in mathematics and statistics. The second year focuses on economics and management subjects such as financial accounting, socio-economics, IT management and enterprise strategy. The third and last year gives an in-depth knowledge within management subjects and students choose a specialisation either in trade, industry, or internationalisation and marketing. A Bachelor’s Thesis is completed during the last semester in a selected subject.

Language: The lectures are mainly held in Norwegian.

Expected learning outcomes

The programme aims to educate leaders with a solid fundament within economics and administrative subjects, and at end of study the students will:

  • Be able to lead administrative functions regarding economics and administration, both in private and public sector
  • Gain a good insight to and understanding for economical contexts, crucial problem areas, challenges of the industry, environmental security, and ethical problems
  • Possess basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas analyses of business economics, marketing, business strategy, organisational theory, account subjects, social economics, and professional methods
  • Possess in-depth knowledge in one of the three areas: trade, industry, or internationalisation and marketing

Students completing this programme are primarily qualified for middle management positions in trade and industry both in Norway and abroad, for example:

  • Company and business development
  • Administration
  • Economic Management, Investment and Financing
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Trading companies (shopping malls, retail, agency, import and wholesale services)

Suitable job opportunities will also be found in the service industries such as banking, insurance and public administration.

Table of subjects