Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Computer Science - BIND

Short description

Computer Science is an education where the goal is to give the students durable and valuable knowledge about how computer systems is being developed and works, both as standalone and tied together in a network. The main emphasis is on programming, but the study covers the whole spectre from technical to usage orientated computing. The goal is to educate skilled information scientists who have in-depth knowledge in development and maintenance of computer systems. Students will be able to operate as:

  • System developer – analyzing the needs of the users, designing solutions and modelling computer systems
  • Programmer – implementing solutions in both high-level and low-level languages, develop large distributed systems
  • System administrator – setting up network and network services, planning management routines, installing, configuring and securing computer systems

Language: The lectures are mainly held in Norwegian.

Expected learning outcomes

The students will achieve the ability to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, be able to use existing computer technology and to communicate efficient on all levels in an organization. The students will also achieve an understanding for professional and ethical responsibility, and understand the importance of research and development to gain innovation. With heavy emphasis on basic information technology, students will be able to adjust and develop regarding to varying trends within areas computer engineers will operate.

The students will possess knowledge in classical natural science and scientific subjects. Because of that the students will be able to participate as engineers in interdisciplinary development projects and be able to communicate with other engineers based on a common scientific platform.

Table of subjects