Security Management Dynamics
2011-2012 - IMT4661 - 5 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

Having completed the course, the students will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics challenges to implement security standards (the ISO 27000 family) in organizations
  • Analyze security management challenges as a systemic problem involving technology, organization, human factors and incentives
  • Create causal maps and develop models of dynamic systems of moderate size of relevance for information security
  • Verify and validate the models, simulate scenarios and test policies.
  • Assess which policies are good and bad, which are robust and whether they are realistic.
  • Understand challenges that are due to dynamic complexity, such as policy resistance, i.e. the tendency for complex dynamic systems to react in a way that defeats well-meant policies that do not consider unintended side effects.


  • Foundations – Security standards from the perspective of change and dynamics
  • Introduction to qualitative system dynamics: Causal loop diagrams; System archetypes
  • Modelling security management dynamics using system archetypes and causal loop diagrams
  • Introduction to quantitative system dynamics: Causal structure and dynamic behaviour. Introduction to stocks and flows. Time delays.
  • Basic system dynamics models of security management.

Teaching Methods

Project work

Teaching Methods (additional text)

Web-enabled course with forum

Form(s) of Assessment

Multiple Choice Test(s)
Evaluation of Project(s)

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

  • Two multiple choice exams counting each 15%
  • Two individual projects (papers) counting each 35%
  • Each part must be individually approved of

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Evaluated by the lecturer

Re-sit examination

The whole subject must be repeated.

Coursework Requirements

The course requires active participation in projects – both in class and outside class.

Hands-on modelling exercises during class are best carried out in computer lab.

Students are encouraged to bring laptops to the classroom.

Teaching Materials


Maani, Kambiz E.; Cavana, Robert Y. Systems Thinking And Modelling. Pearson Education. 9781877371035.

Lectures, exercises and projects by Jose J. Gonzalez in Classfronter

Replacement course for

IMT4111 Sikkerhetsledelse