Strategic Design
2011-2012 - IMT3950004 - 5 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

The students shall after completion of the course have acquired a basic knowledge about branding and the development of strategic virtual identities for institutions and corporations, as well as operational knowledge about the development of corporate design programmes. The students shall also have acquired a critical understanding of the functions of brands in todays consumer society.


- Marketing and design
- Branding and brand management
- Consumerism and brands
- Logos and trademarks
- Branding with type
- Corporate identity, visual identity, design programmes

Teaching Methods

Project work

Teaching Methods (additional text)

Individual assignment with formative-iterative assessment.

Form(s) of Assessment

Portfolio Assessment

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Summative assessment at the end of the semester: Passed / failed. The project(s) may then be included in a portfolio for final summative graded assessment (with internal and external examiners) at the end of the third and final year (grades A-F).

Grading Scale


Coursework Requirements


Teaching Materials

- Hem, Leif Egil og Nina M. Iversen (red.) (2004). Perspektiver på merkevareledelse . Bergen: Fagbokforlaget
- Klein, Naomi (2001). [No logo]: med merkevareterroristene i siktet . Oslo: Forlaget Oktober
- Mollerup, Per (1998). Marks of excellence: The history and taxonomy of trademarks . London: Phaidon
- Rybakken, Bjørn (2004). Visuell identitet . Oslo: Abstrakt forlag