Bachelor of engineering - Construction Project Management - BINBPL

Short description

A construction engineer's task is to plan, design, build and manage buildings so that they satisfy the requirements of the authorities and the users. In this context “buildings” includes actual buildings as well as roads, bridges, and drainage. Engineers solve problems in many different roles, such as planners, consultants, contractors, as well as for the authorities.

This bachelor study is primarily aimed towards the part of the business sector that comprises erection of constructions. Ability to exercise management combined with technological knowledge are crucial. The programme combines traditional learning with "learning on site". This means that students will be out on the construction site for a several periods of time.

The following topics will be treated especially:

  • Project development (management, directing, functionality, budgeting, construction specifications)
  • Contract law (private-law, public law, juridical standards, implementation models)
  • Tenders and contracts
  • Plan of progress (economical rapports, notifying, deviation, takeovers)
  • EHS – environment, health and safety – (legal obligations and routines)
  • Environmental considerations (basic environmental challenges, environmental state)

Language: The lectures are mainly held in Norwegian.


  • Ordinary 3 years study
  • 180 credtits
  • Bachelor degree, Bachelor Building Constructions, Project Management

National rammeplan for ingeniørutdanning.

Expected learning outcomes

At end of study, the students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge in mathematics, science and technology
  • Identify, formulate, plan, and solve technical problems in a systematic way within their specialised field
  • Specify demands for solutions in a systematic manner
  • Plan and see through experiments, as well as analyse, interpret, and use new facts
  • Construct a component, a system, or a process to achieve specified results
  • Utilize modern tools, techniques, and acquire skills in their daily work
  • Cooperate interdisciplinary to solve complicated tasks
  • Communicate efficiently with other disciplines
  • Understand and practices professional and ethical responsibility
  • Take care of the concept of quality in all contexts
  • Participate in innovation processes
  • See technological solutions in an economical, organisational and environmental context

Graduates will be able to work in the construction industry, either as a construction manager/assistant, as a project developer, or in roles such as the contractor manager on site. Many other opportunities will also be found within both public and private sectors.


Students may study abroad the forth semester in one of following universities:

Target Group

Both pupils from comprehensive school and persons with lower technical degree can enroll then study program.

Admission Criteria

Generell admission criteria, in addition to Maths R2 (3MX) og Physics1 (2FY).

Students examed from 2-year technical college may be enrolled directly.

Course Structure


Shown beneath are the courses the students must obtain to fulfill the Bachelor degree:

Courses STP
Maths-naturvitenskapelige cources (50-60 credits) 50
Maths 10 (5), Maths 15 (5), Maths 20 (10), Statistics (5), Physics (10), Chemistry and Enviroment (10), Computer Technology (included in Building Construction + Building Smart) (5)  
Social courses (15-20 credits) 15
Economics (10) og Building Project Managment (2,5), Contracts (2,5)  
Technical courses (75-90 stp) 75
Building constructions (10), Mechanics (10), Building Materials (10), Statikk (5), Constructions I (10), Surveying I (10), Building Project Management og Contracting (inclusive Computer Technology and juridical issues) (10), Building Site Management(10)  
Free courses (10-20 credits) 20
Bachelor thesis (15-20 credits) 20
Totally 180

Technical Prerequisites

The students will benefits accession to their own laptop with sound ability.

Table of subjects