Bachelor of engineering - Building and Land Surveying - BINBLAN

Short description

Building engineers with top competence in land surveying possess a very central role with laying out both in constructions and buildings – as well as on land as at sea. The process of buildings involves placement, mass calculation, and documentation according to plans, contracts, and standards.

The programme gives a deeper understanding in geomatic subjects such as land surveying, laying out, GPS, property laws, relief models, three-dimensional models, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). The land surveyor is the one to establish reference marks and information for maps as a foundation for all planning and projecting.

In the building phase the geomatic see to that everything is built on its right place. At the end the results (buildings, constructions, roads, quay structures, etc.) will be measured in and controlled before new up-to-date map information is presented and up to date models of the buildings are saved.

Language: The lectures are mainly held in Norwegian.

Expected learning outcomes

At end of study the student are expected to possess:

  • A good balance between mathematical-scientific expert knowledge and technical expert knowledge according to course descriptions
  • Solid basis knowledge in construction training courses and in-depth-knowledge in land-surveying-related subjects
  • Insight into and understanding of what kind of tasks and roles which implies in different building engineering challenges
  • Good knowledge within ICT, satellite land surveying, and land surveying for constructions and buildings. The student will in addition possess good knowledge attached to accuracy judgement and quality assurance of different land surveying jobs – with special relevance to building and construction industry
  • Good skills in use of professional sources, professional methods, current laws and legislations, as well as standards for planning, projecting, land surveying, building, administration, management, and maintenance
  • Good abilities to independence and working in groups, as well as the ability to transmit knowledge and skills to new related problems
  • Good ability to systematize and present both orally and written (rapports) in a clear manner, as well as conduct a dialog within central subjects in this field

This Bachelor qualifies the students to work:

  • In the construction and building industry
  • With private map and surveying firms
  • As consultants for equipment and software vendors
  • At electricity boards (mapping and land surveying)
  • In oil companies (navigation)
  • With public sector activities and administration (Directorate for Public Roads, municipals, The Armed Forces)

Table of subjects