Norwegian for Y-way
2010-2011 - SMF1171 - 0 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

The students must be able to communicate in an adequate way, both orally and in writing. Knowledge of the language and skills in using it are necessary tools for documentation, presentation and quality assurance of the tasks carried out.


The language as a tool for good communication: knowledge of genres, group language, knowledge of the language used in different cultural settings.

Grammar, linguistic, stylistic and graphical means: structure, syntax and readerfriendly layout.

The most important massmedia and how they affect us: radio, TV, internet, newspapers.

Analysis of goal and receiver: tool for concious communication, practical methods for systematic and adequate collection of information.

The use of computer information technology: programs for word processing and presentation, data programs to improve the quality of written assignments.

The language as a tool in written communication: layout, content, correct writing and formal layout of letters, design and structure of different types of reports and different types of written assignments.

The language as a tool in oral communication: talks, presentations, instructions, debates, formal and informal meetings.

Different functions of the language in society: knowledge of and skills in the use of the language which go beyond the purely formal ones and which give the students an understanding of the different functions in view of context and practical and pragmatic use.

Teaching Methods

Project work

Form(s) of Assessment

Portfolio Assessment

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Portofolio assessment based on results of 2-4 written works and 1 project.

Grading Scale