Ageing and older peoples life condition
2010-2011 - VIU8221 - 12 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

- the student acknowledges the effects of cognitive, psychological, social and cultural variables on attitudes and behaviour towards the elderly
- the student has knowledge about normal aging processes
- the student has knowledge about and insight into the relationship between life style factors and functional capability in older people
- the student has knowledge about aging in a sociological, demographic and cultural perspective
- the student is conscious about the special needs of older members of ethnic minorities, as well as the mentally challenged elderly
- the student is conscious about different arenas where older people have the possibility of influence and positioning


Ageing and older people in a historical perspective
The influence of elders life background and experience on one's old age
Normal ageing - mental, psychological, social and cultural aspects
Normal ageing - bio-physiological aspects
Elderly who are mentally challenged
The natural death - death in a historical and cultural perspective
Old peoples life conditions and quality of life
Roles and change of roles in old age
Aging and eldercare in a multi-cultural perspective
Power and possibility for influence of older people in politics and life of society

Teaching Methods

Group works
Net Support Learning
Mandatory assignments

Form(s) of Assessment

Home exam, see textarea

Grading Scale


Coursework Requirements