BSc Nursing -

Short description

The curriculum is based on the "General Plan and Regulation for 3-year Training Programme in Nursing" laid down by the Ministry of Education and Research on 7 January 2000, with the legal authority of § 46, No 2 in the Universities and Colleges Act No 22 of 12 May 1995.


3 years, full-time / 4 years, part-time
180 ECTS credits
Undergraduate programme leading to a Bachelor's degree.

Expected learning outcomes

The Bachelor of Nursing should produce independent, responsible, changing-oriented and patient-oriented nurses with the ability and will to provide well-founded nursing. The training provides competence in agreement with current regulations for fully qualified nurses.
The basic training qualifies for a profession which is subject to constant development and change. One important aspect of the basic training programme in nursing is to provide a training which will enable nurses to meet the challenges and opportunities in health and social services. The training is thus the beginning of a lifelong learning process. Nurses and employers have a joint responsibility for the continuation of this learning process.


Students are offered the possibility to take a part of the programme abroad. The university college has cooperation agreements with universities in Namibia, Australia, USA, Belgium, the Slovak Republic, as well as the Nordic countries.

Admission Criteria

General matriculation requirement.

Table of subjects