Technology Design -


1 year
60 ECTS credits
Undergraduate level

Expected learning outcomes

On completion of the programme, the students will have basic understanding of:

  • EDB interface development with a basis in design theory (linking people and product, ergonomics).
  • Creative problem solving, (creative thinking, seeking the best solutions, etc.).
  • Using the product as a communications medium (the identity of product and uses).
  • Ideas and concept development (connecting products).
  • Choice of materials and solutions (use analysis, function testing, strength testing and surface treatment, health and safety, reuse and recirculation of aluminium as a design material, etc.).
  • Calculation and functional abilities and fulfilling requirements.
  • Use of computer tools in design processes (design tools, 3D modelling, 3D animation, element calculation (FEM) also computer tools in communication, presentation and demonstration).
  • Production techniques and management.
  • Computer simulation of the production process.
  • Society and culture (the ability to estimate the social and cultural effects on a product).
  • Project leadership in practical design process (ideas, project development, project leading, quality control, processing and project evaluations).
  • Rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and 3D digitalisation.
  • Industrial design, verification and laboratory testing and maintenance friendly design.

The students should experience a positive personal development in relation to self-confidence, working with others, knowledge of processes and in the joy of realising one's own ideas.


A 1-week excursion to a partner institution abroad can be included in the programme.

Admission Criteria

General matriculation requirement.

Table of subjects