2009-2010 - REA2041F - 10 ECTS

On the basis of

REA1042 - Mathematics 10 - Functions with one variable

Expected learning outcomes

The students are supposed to:

  • analyse and model problems within classical mechanics, electromagnetism, fluid mechanics and thermal physics
  • evaluate the correctness of their own calculations and work
  • exhibit understanding for relations between theory and practical problems within subjects from electrical, computing, civil and mechanical engineering



Kinematics and dynamics for translatory motion of one particle.

Straight line motion and planar motion. Position, velocity and acceleration. Newton's laws. Work, potential and kinetic energy. Momentum. Conservation laws. Power and efficiency.

Kinematics and dynamics for rotational motion:

Circular motion for particle, angular velocity and angular acceleration. Rotation of rigid body about fixed axis. Moment of interia and rotational energy. Torque and angular momentum. Newton's second law for rotational motion.


Free and forced oscillations, with and without damping. Resonance. Mathematical, physical, torsional and elastic pendulum.

Fluid mechanics:

Hydrostatics: Pressure. Buoyancy. Forces on submerged surfaces. Hydrodynamics: The equation of continuity. Bernoulli's equation. Laminar and turbulent flow. Resistance and forces of flow.

Thermal physics:

Length and volume expansion. Heat transfer by conduction and convection. Thermal resistance. Analogy with electrical quantities. The first law of thermodynamics.


Electricity: Coulomb's law. Electrical field. Potential. Work and energy. Current. Circuits. Gauss' law.

Magnetism: Magnets, magnetic field and field lines. Field around straight conductors and in inductors. Forces on charges in motion. Forces on conductors. Ampere's law. Induction: Flux and flux density. Faraday's law. Electromotive force. Electromagnetic oscillations.

Teaching Methods


Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 4 hours

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

Evaluation of exam work is done by course responsible. External examiner is used periodically (every 3 to 4 years) for evaluation of exam work and for production of exam exercises.

Re-sit examination

A separate re-sit exam is arranged.

Examination support

Accepted calculator.
John Haugan: Tabeller og formelsamling (NKI-forlaget). ISBN 82-562-2483-5

Coursework Requirements

Exercises (3-5 during the term)

Detailed plan for required exercises is presented at course start-up. Three-semester students shall hand in 2-3 additional exercises in the three-semester period during the autumn.

Teaching Materials

Young, Hugh D. og Freedman, Roger A. (2007). University Physics. Addison-Wesley, 12th edition. ISBN: 080532187X
Additional material for three-semester students:
Jerstad, P., Sletbak, B. og Grimenes, A.A. (2003). Rom Stoff Tid Forkurs. Cappelen. ISBN: 9788202225759

Replacement course for

REA1012 and REA1092